Fun Factory Limba Flex - S

Thando Love

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The LIMBA FLEX S is perfect for beginners to ride on or while you cuddle up close to your partner during strap-on play.

Every body is different, and so is every time you have sex. That’s why the LIMBA FLEX bends to hold a variety of shapes and angles—so you can hit the spot for any body, in any position.

If you discover you want a dildo with an extreme G-spot curve, just bend it into that shape. If you want a straight shaft, just bend it back. This customizable dildo makes it easy to try lots of different positions and ways to play without switching out your toys.

  • Bendable Body
  • Harness Friendly Suction Base
  • Length - 12cm
  • Width - 3cm
  • Weight - 130grams
  • Anal Safe
  • Waterproof