Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

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The Fun Factory Stronic range is well known for being the only vibrators that have a strong thrusting action. Now Fun Factory has combined that with a powerful external clitoral vibrator to give you twice the sensation, and far more pleasure - for both your clitoris and your g-spot!

With 64 stimulation settings, from gentle pulses to deep rhythmic thrusting, your options are endless! The motor in the shaft powers a strong pulsating movement that mimics the feel of a lover thrusting into you, and pushes the curved tip of the Bi Stronic Fusion against your g-spot. On the outside, the smaller motor ‘flutters’ the super flexible external shaft against your labia and clitoris - giving you all over stimulation and allowing ergonomically designed stimulation for all body types. 

The motors can be independently controlled, and have a range of different settings from gentle pulses to deep rhythmic thrusting, so you can build to the most powerful orgasms at your own pace.

The Bi Stronic Fusion has a travel lock and a charge indicator, and is waterproof for easy cleaning. Use a water-based lube to protect the soft, bodysafe silicone and prolong the life of your erotic toy.

- Clitoral and G-spot Rabbit Vibrator
- Deep thrusting motion
- Intense Vibrational Pulses
- Fluttering Clitoral stimulation
- 64 stimulation settings
- Intuitive control with Quick Stop function
- Battery Charge Light
- Travel lock
- Rechargeable