Rush PWD 10ml

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Need a powerful rush effect? You've come to the right place! The Rush PWD poppers from the famous brand Rush is small in size, but has very powerful effects! With its 10ml bottle, this poppers contains a fresh aroma made of propyl nitrite. The feedback on Rush poppers are the same everywhere: it offers a fast but strong result for a very interesting price. This juice will bring you many aphrodisiac and stimulating effects! This Rush poppers is reserved for insiders. Among the poppers brands like Jungle Juice, Rush is one of the most famous for the quality of its products, whether they are based on amyl, propyl or pentyl. Rush Poppers - 10ml bottle - Propyl Nitrite

  • Strength - 3/5
  • Composition - Propyl
  • Content - 10ml
  • Pellet / Mega Pellet - Pellet
  • Secure -  Opening With safety cap