Beauments Doppio 2.0 with remote

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The Doppio 2.0 is perfectly suited to bring variety into the common love life. It is a versatile pair vibrator, although it can also be used without a partner. The all-rounder Doppio 2.0 can be inserted vaginally or applied to the woman. It can also be used as an excellent penis ring. The Doppio 2.0 can also be used for massages. It does not matter whether it is a full body massage or a massage of erogenous zones.

The Doppio 2.0 is equipped with 3 engines. Two are located in the arms and one in the end piece of the Doppios 2.0. The vibrations of the motors of the arms and the end piece can be used together or separately. The Doppio 2.0 offers even more features. In addition to the ergonomic design, the 3 whisper-quiet motors are each equipped with 10 vibration functions. The vibrations can be effortlessly controlled with two buttons on the Doppio 2.0 or with the wireless remote control. The radio remote control also has two buttons and a maximum range of 5-10 metres. The remote control makes Doppio 2.0 even easier to use. The Doppio 2.0 material feels velvety soft and is easy to clean after use. A satin bag is also included for careful storage. The Doppio 2.0 is compact and waterproof. So it can be easily taken into the Jacuzzi, bathtub or shower and the erotic games in the tingling wet can be enjoyed carefree. Note, however, that the remote control is not waterproof. The Doppio 2.0 is rechargeable with a USB charging cable that is included in the scope of delivery. Due to all these aspects, Doppio 2.0 can be taken on trips without any problems. Regardless of where you enjoy Doppio 2.0 with your loved one, it will make your love life blaze with its diversity.