Doxy Number 3 Attachment Rabbit

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he Doxy Number 3 clitoral head attachment is designed to be used with the infamous Doxy Number 3 Body Wand Vibrator. Combining the power of the Doxy wand with a removeable clitoral head, you are now able to gain even more direct and intense stimulation than before.

With a unique wing shape and a bulbous finger-tip type head, you are able to direct the powerful vibrations with pinpoint precision to the entire clitoral area. The vibrations are delivered to even the deepest of nerve endings and with the power of the Doxy wand, your clitoral orgasm will be stronger than ever before.

Simply remove the Doxy 3 head by it's screw mechanism and screw on the clitoral attachment to turn your powerful Doxy 3 into a more precise clitoral vibrator. To clean, simply remove the attachment, clean with warm soapy water and dry for your next use.

Combining the stimulation of a rabbit vibrator with the power of the Doxy Number 3, you are now able to stimulate your g-spot and clitoral area simultaneously - with power like never before. Simply remove the Doxy Number 3 head and screw on the rabbit attachment. You now have a powerful rabbit vibrator that offers unique stimulation and intense dual orgasms