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Thando Love

Fifty Shades Bound to You Flogger

Fifty Shades Bound to You Flogger

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Fifty Shades Bound to You Flogger

Add a touch of Ana-and-Christian-inspired indulgence to the bedroom with this exquisite flogger. With sumptuously soft faux leather fronds, this ever-so-versatile accessory is perfect for tickling your lover's fancy, as well as thrilling impact play.

Featuring a textured handle for extra grip, this flogger allows for confident swings with plenty of impact.

Try running the fronds slowly over your lover's skin to arouse their desires, then bring them down with a little more force for spine-tingling spanks.

Made from luxurious vegan leather and printed with gold lettering, this exquisite accessory gives your ero play a touch of elegance.

  • Length - 63 cm
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