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We designed a menstrual cup that’s shaped for your body! The FUN CUP holds 4-6x as much as a tampon, without the side effects of other methods. While tampons dry you out and cause micro-tears, leaving you more susceptible to infection, this medical grade silicone cup collects blood, rather than absorbing it, making it gentle on your skin and great for your well-being. Of course, FUN FACTORY menstrual cups meet the highest standards for quality.

  • Size A Diameter: 4cm
  • Size A Length: 5.3cm
  • Size A: 20ml
  • Size B Diameter: 4.3cm
  • Size B Length: 5.8cm
  • Size B: 30ml
  • Washable and Reusable
  • 2 x cups per pack (1 x A cup & 1 x B cup) or ( 2 x A cups ) or ( 2 x B cups)
  • Antimicrobial bag
  • Foreplay friendly
  • Please be aware that the FUN CUPs colour may change with sustained use. Body fluids can affect colour over time, especially blood, as it is rich in iron. If you notice a difference, there is nothing wrong with your cup. It is just your body doing its thing.