iEGG 4

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The EGG comes with an vibrator and wireless remote. If used over a long period it can shrink female genitals. It is made out of soft silicone material, couples with a powerful driving force motor design, touching every sensitive area, can reach the climax immediately.

The iEGG is waterproof and can be used in the bathtub. It has 20 kinds of vibration modes. It comes with an 12 meters remote control distance and is made out of 100% silicone.

Length: Approx. 12 cm; diameter of vibrating egg: approx. 3 cm, the diameter of the controller: approx. 4.5 cm.
IEGG4 comes with double ball, instead of are locked up safe and sound. Weight: 28 Escutheon For lid hole 37 g