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This strap-on from Malestation is incredibly realistic, and does not shy on length and girth. The hollow dildo is designed for realistic experiences, and comes with an adjustable elastic harness. Suitable for any couple, this lifelike strap-on guarantees deeper penetration and intensified orgasms.

Penis prosthesis (hollow) made of PVC, inner length for your penis: approx. 15.50 cm, max. inner Ø: approx. 3.60 cm. The tip of the penis prosthesis is made of full material, length of the tip of the prosthesis (full material): approx. 4.00 cm, Ø of the tip of the prosthesis: approx. 4.00 cm. Straps are very elastic and adjustable with snaps fits up to 120.00 cm, made of terylene and latex.