Shunga Chocolate Body Paint - Vanilla Chocolate - 100ml

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The SHUNGA collection is the most passionate and tasty dessert menu we've seen in a long time...enjoy alone or share with someone special - we hope you love SHUNGA as much as we do!!

Tastes exquisite
Made from premium ingredients
Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth
Non staining
No artificial color
Edible, Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free and Vegan.


Chocolate: Ingredients: Sugar/Sucre (sucrose), Water /Eau (Aqua), Cocoa powder/Poudre de cacao (theobroma cacao powder), Sodium citrate, Salt/Sel (Sodium chloride), Caramel colour/Couleur de caramel (Caramel), N&A Flavour/Saveur (Aroma), Potassium sorbate (Preservative), Citric acid/Acide citrique, FD&C Yellow/Jaune #6 (CI 15985), FD&C Red/Rouge #40 (CI 16035), FD&C Blue/Bleu #1 (CI 42090). 

Vanilla: Ingredients: Sugar/Sucre (Sucrose), Water/Eau (Aqua), glucose, Modified corn starch/Fécule de maïs modifiée, Titanium dioxyde, Xanthan gum, Malic acid, Potassium sorbate/Sorbate de potassium, Vanillin, Salt/Sel (Sodium chloride), FD&C Yellow/Jaune #5 (tartrazine) (CI 19140).