Steamy Shades Inflatable Wedge & Cuffs

Thando Love

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If you ever find yourself reaching for a pillow to prop yourself up during sex, you'll love our inflatable wedge with restraint cuffs for improved positioning. This wedge supports you during sex and prevents slipping, inspiring you to try something totally new!

Our Steamy Shades Inflatable Wedge supports you during sex, inviting you to explore brand new positions, or enjoy your favourites in comfort. This wedge cushion is an exciting addition to sex and comes with a set of cuffs to playfully restrain your partner. The wedge prevents slipping, inviting you to enjoy those slightly more daring positions that may have intimidated you in the past. (Its also perfect for doggy style and for supporting her during missionary play). Our wedge is made from strong plastic with reinforced seams that support your weight and is easily cleaned for low maintenance fun. This wedge transforms your sex life, inspiring you to try something new or to add a twist to your go-to positions. This wedge enhances sex at every angle. Its perfect for travel too and can be discreetly stored during sessions.

Sex Positioning Aid
Reusable & Inflatable
6 Connection Points for Cuffs
Non-slip Surface
Soft & Comfortable
Perfect for Light Bondage Play
Easy To Clean
Travel Friendly
100% PVC

1 x Inflatable Wedge & Two Wrist Cuffs