Tenga Spinner - Brick

Thando Love

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 A masturbation sleeve like no other! This is the Brick design, with an amazingly complex interior that's like a complex crystal inside! The Tenga Spinner Brick Stroker has an all-new internal coil system. This means you can twist as well as stroke, sending unbelievable sensations through your shaft with each thrust. Enjoy a unique stimulation from a toy that's also easy to clean. The Spinner can be washed and reused, and also has a drying stand built in for hygienic drying. 

  • A spiral of bold, impacting tiles
  • Size (D × W × H mm): 45 × 45 × 130
  • Insertion Length (mm): Stretches to approx. 170
  • Insertion Width (mm): Stretches to approx. 55
  • Material: PP, PS, PE, elastomer - we recommend this product for solo use or to be used with people you are fluid bonded with.